NEW Natural Himalayan Rock Crystal Wall Plug for Air Purifying

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Made of Himalayan salt crystals, each lamp is crafted to a well-made decoration lamp. It can not only serve as an Ambience lamp, but also an Air Purifier. 

The salt crystal material, be well-known as Natural Negative Ion Generator, works well as an air purifier by emitting a lot of negative ions when heated, which will help to kill harmful bacteria, mound and virus effectively. The soft light will create romantic atmosphere and make you feel relaxed.

Built with UL approved plugs, which can be rotated 360 degree for horizontal sockets. No cord required, making AMIR Salt Lamp a widely used decoration lamps in bedroom, living room, kitchen, coffee shop, book store, bar, and so on.

How does Our Salt Light Work?

Salt is hygroscopic, meaning it attracts water molecules from the surrounding air. Once attracted to the salt lamp, these microscopic compounds remain on the salt and not floating in the air where you can breathe them in. 

As Himalayan salt lamps slowly become saturated with water vapour they attract from the air around them, the heat, from the lamp inside or beneath, dries them, thus continuing the hygroscopic effect for as long as the light is on. This heat also re-releases water vapour back into the air.

  • Enhance well-being
  • Emit negative ions in your home
  • Have a profound effect on your health
  • Produce beautiful radiant glow light
  • Work as health-giving night light


1. If there is water in the lamp, please dry it to avoid getting wet.
2. Please make sure that the switch on the lamp is turned off. Then plug it into the wall plug and turn it on. 
3. Each lamp is in the unique shape; it may have a little different from the product image. Its dimensions and weight vary.



1 x Natural Himalayan Rock Crystal Wall Plug for Air Purifying


Note: Please allow 2 to 4 weeks for delivery

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