100% Natural Lavender Pure Essential Oil 10ml



In the 19th century, an explosion took place when a French chemist Gattefoss'e doing an experiment. His hand was badly burnt. He immediately put hand into lavender oil. Later on, he found that hand didn't infect and didn't leave any scars. So he found that lavender oil can improve burns and scars.

Skin Effects

  • Improve acnes caused by excessive sebum secretion, endocrine dyscrasia and stress. Remove acnes and fade acnes marks. The first choice is for anti-acnes
  • Repair skin and wound: fade scars; improve burns and sunburn.
  • It has a unique characteristic of Bidirectional bal... Good effects for oily, dry wad sensitive skin.


Physiological Effects

  • Adjust female physiology. Good for female menstrual problems. Relieve muscle soreness and body. Good for mosquito-repellent.

Psychological Effects

  • Relieve tension, reduce stress, balance nerve, relieve body and mind, and promote sleep.

Tips: Lavender oil can slightly promoting flow of menses. Female in menstrual period and pregnancy should use with caution.


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1 x 100% Natural Lavender Pure Essential Oil 10ml        


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Type: Essential oil

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