Redefining Happiness on Your Own Provisions

Redefining Happiness on Your Own Provisions



What is your definition of happiness? Is it a thriving career? Is it about being able to buy anything you want? Or is it about being known by people all over the world? Or maybe it is about the warmth and happiness of being with the people you love?

People have their own definition of happiness and that maybe the reason why success eludes most people.


It is most human’s conviction that they need and must be successful in their own eyes and in the eyes of the people around them. But this is society’s definition of happiness, not exactly their own.

People are simply driven by the expectations of their family, friends, colleagues and the people in the society. The world has changed since then and now the definition of happiness has become entirely different.

Happiness right now differs individually as to what make you successful and content. This time, you have to learn how to develop your own set of principles and follow your own path even when that path is hard and winding.

There are many who struggle in the path of redefining happiness, but you can if you will:


Leave No Stone Unturned

Remember that each day is a gift and as such something that you have to celebrate. So don’t take the short cut in your life. It is not wrong to not follow any traditional career path in your family or what your parents want you to take.

Don’t be too linear and just blindly follow the path that’s in front of you. Sometimes you need to go and try everything to figure out exactly what you want. In that sense, don’t leave any stone unturned.


Grow With Your Fears

You may not be sure of what awaits to you in the path that you chose but have faith that you are meant to be there. Don’t be afraid and instead embrace what is there in front of you.

What you need is believe in yourself and do what you have to do. While trying something new can be scary, you don’t have to worry for you will see that in the end you’ll do just fine. There’ll be plenty of failures and defeats but if you stand back up again, you’ll come out stronger and better.


Always Go with Your Heart

Sometimes in order to be successful, you have to go out of your comfort zone. You have to try new things, go to unchartered places.

Following boxed set rules does not give you fulfilling feeling but following what’s in your heart will. You just have to know that to be successful there is no need for you to follow rules but only to follow your heart.

What is important is that you have done your part and decide on what you wanted to do in your own terms. In this way, no matter what happens in the end of the day you will not regret of not following what you wanted to do.

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